Primary school pupils write to their MPs

March 20, 2023

Children at primary schools in the West Midlands and the North West sent Mother’s Day cards to their MPs this week calling on the government to change the Immigration Rules so that refugee children can safely reunite with their parents in the UK.

At St Dunstan’s primary school in Birmingham, more than 150 mums, grandmas and aunties came into school to make cards with the children, all of which have now been sent to the local MP, Tahir Ali. See the cards here.

Pupils at the school spoke to BBC Radio West Midlands on Mother’s Day explaining why they think children must be reunited with their parents.

They were joined on air by the Families Together campaign coordinator at the Refugee Council, Emmeline Skinner Cassidy, who explained that the UK and Switzerland are the only countries in Europe that still do not routinely allow children to bring their parents to join them in safety.

St Dunstan’s is part of the Schools of Sanctuary Network. Schools from the network across the West Midlands and the North West participated in the Mother’s Day card action.