Families Together petition hand in

February 6, 2020

75,000 call for change

More than 75,000 people from across the UK signed our petition calling on the Home Secretary to change the wilful and damaging rules that prevent child refugees from being reunited with their loved ones.

On 5 February 2020, we were joined by school children from Oaklands Secondary School in east London, young refugees from the VOICES Network and Angus MacNeil MP to take our message that families belong together to the Home Office, literally.

Government priority

In January 2020, following amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, the Government stated: “protecting vulnerable children will remain our priority after Brexit”. The Families Together campaign is calling on the Government to ensure reuniting child refugees in the UK with their families is included in this priority.

We want them to make good on this promise to prevent any more needless suffering, for child refugees in the UK

There is simply no good reason for imposing such a harmful restriction on refugee children and it must end now. With the backing of MPs from across the political divide, the people who work with these children and an incredible show of public support, the pressure is on the Home Secretary to do right by refugee children in Britain and let them be reunited with their families.